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About Heera Bold font

● Generated by Fontographer 3.5
● Heera
● Bold
● Altsys Fontographer 3.5 Himchuli Bold
● Heera Bold
● Altsys Fontographer 3.5 1/1/4
● HeeraBold
● File Size: 0.05 MB

download Heera Bold Hindi Font
% uewuk ys[ku %
lekurk dk xhr xkvks&
esjh utj esa L=h vkSj iq#"k esa dksbZ QdZ ugha gS!
nqfu;k dh lHkh egku jpuk,¡ lnk ykHkdkjh gSa]
bldk vk/kk fgLlk efgyk gS] vk/kk iq#"k gSA
nqfu;k esa tks dqN Hkh vk;k] iki] xehZ] nnZ] vkalw]
vk/kk og uj yk;k] vk/kk og eknk yk;kA
D;k rqeus rktegy dk iRFkj ns[kk gS] D;k rqeus mldh vkRek ns[kh gS]
fny esa mudh ekserkt़ vkSjr ckgj 'kkgtgk¡A
rkdr us fnu esa fgEer nh gS] fuf'k esa nqYgu cu xbZ gS]
iq#"k e/kq ykus vk, gSa] fL=;ka e/kq ys vkbZ gSaA
iq#"k ikuh ds lkFk cgrs gSa] efgyk,a ikuh ds lkFk cgrh gSa] og ikuh vkSj feêh dk feJ.k gSA
pkoy dk lqugjk nkuk Qly ds %i esa mx vk;kA

Install Way 1
● Download the Heera Bold font file
● Now you'll see the available Heera Bold TrueType
● Right-click the Heera Bold font and click Install
● If you're prompted to allow the program to make changes to your computer, and if you trust the source of the font, click Yes.

Install Way 2
● In your computer, all fonts are stored in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder.
● You can also add Heera Bold font by simply drag and drop or copy/pest Heera Bold font files into this folder. Windows will automatically install this Heera Bold font.

Install Way 3
● Open the Control Panel in Windows 7 and Windows 10, 11 &... for the inslatall Heera Bold
● go to Control Panel > Fonts.
● In Windows 8.1, go to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts.
● Click on View inslatted font & pest or drag and drop Heera Bold
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